Fresh and Modern Uses for Royal Blue in Weddings | Guest Post


When you first think of the color royal blue, you may not instantly think of a versatile color perfect for all seasons, and ideal in everything from a summer rustic barn wedding to the most seriously luxurious formal affairs. You would be surprised, then, to discover exactly how popular and flexible royal blue really is.

In fact, it’s such a great color and used in so many ways, that it can be a struggle to think of fresh and innovative ways to use royal blue. However, nothing is impossible when it comes to dream wedding days!

Shake It Up

One of the ways to shake up royal blue is to use it as an accent in an adventurous pairing or combination. It is ideal, for example, as one of a range of jewel tones – think of a wedding fit for royalty where each bridesmaid dress is a different jewel tone of the same, or a similar, style of gown. Envision ruby, emerald, amethyst and royal blue bridesmaid dresses against a decadent backdrop and you start to understand how regal and dramatic royal blue can be.

Another opulent partner for royal blue that is completely on-trend this year is gold. Whether you accent royal blue bridesmaid dresses with gold sequins or beading, or you bring gold embellishments into your table décor, cake design or super techy lighting, the combination is sure to wow your guests.

Who Says Only Women Wear Royal Blue?

Most often, women wear the royal blue dresses, or white gowns with satin royal blue sashes – but you can definitely switch up your look and dress your men in royal blue tuxedoes or wedding suits. Your bridesmaids can complement the color in silvery grey dresses, gold sequined gowns, or even raspberry pink for a vibrant look. Royal blue on men is a stylish trend and gaining popularity.

Appreciation of Fine Art is also On-Trend

The Fine Art movement that is so anticipated in weddings this year has made watercolor palettes all the rage, and royal blue can easily work with them. Beach weddings are ideal settings for turquoise and royal blue watercolors, while vintage weddings invite the combination of royal blue, dusty purple, teal and grey. Commission an artist to custom paint an image for your invitations or hire a live artist to paint a scene at the wedding itself.

Think Outside the Fashion Box

When it comes to any royal blue palette, think of creative ways to feature the color and use it as a common thread throughout the day’s design. Signature cocktails can feature Blue Curacao along with one of many different liquors and be the perfect shade of blue. In flowers, hydrangea, delphinium, cornflower and bachelor buttons are all naturally available in shocking blue and can do more than just make great bouquets. They can adorn cakes, fill centerpieces abundantly, or feature prominently in recently popular live flower walls. Depending on your venue, you may also be able to ask your lighting professional to use royal blue at certain points in the evening to accentuate your décor.

The Magic of Royal Blue

Far from being a limiting color, royal blue is a versatile and attractive hue that is ready to take yet another wedding year by storm.


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